Ok so I am not great at making decisions. And this is probably some kind of artists bad luck, posting the piece before the show, like seeing the bride in the dress before the wedding. But I literally can’t decide on what to do with my ol degree show piece here. And I need Tumblr’s help right now.

My work is highly personal and linked to the bodily, nervous behaviours are the physical manifestation of insecurities and underlying neuroses. They are the subconscious’ way of attempting to take control over situations that are not decided by us. Like a child playing, us fidgeting and twiddling nervously is us gaining our control. 

My nervous behaviour is playing with my hair, twirling it to be precise. People often think I’m flirting when I actually just well, do it. I’m not entirely sure why. But taking this gesture as a starting point I began to integrate this looping mechanism into my work, taking jute twine, unravelling it, then twirling it around a “skeletal” plaster of paris structure. It’s organic, it’s visceral, it’s psychoanalytical, and it’s certainly not meant to be or resemble dreadlocks so don’t tell me that please thanxx. But what is it to you? 

I mainly want an emotional response from the audience, unless most contemporary artists nowadays who aim for an intellectual stimulation, I want to appeal to the audience to an extent. To tell them I understand their anxieties. 

But basically, in a nutshell, do I want to add onto this piece? I literally can’t decide whether to add more of a pool to the bottom of the flow of the work, instead of just leaving the threads hanging down. Although the threads suggest at the process involved when making this, which is integral to my outcome.

And how does this work make you feel? Does it make you feel at all?