sbtrtk said: I really do not want to do that! But I will take that in mind :) mine is a group assessment then I think a one to one! What main advice would you give during the group assessment? Thank you!

Yeah that’s basically what I had. My advice would be to talk as much as you can, obviously don’t chat shit ahah but they’re marking you in the group assessment when you speak. Just make sure you read the brief properly, and match what the “customer” wants according to the products on the brief. Good luck!

inthepalmofme replied to your post:I don’t want to leave London :(

Where is life taking you?? Xx

Fuckinghamshire! I’m going to stay at ma mere’s for a few months to save up money/postpone becoming a real person. Whaaat are you doing Lasagne?! Can we meet up soon please? I might go to Norwich in January when Beky is back btw xxx

my life at the mo

- go to work

- flirt with babies/my colleagues

- play minecraft

- go to the gym/swim

- draw randomers on days off/lunch breaks